As a preface of my teaching concept, I would like to cite the words of two great musicians which describe my ideal of doublebass sound very precisely:

„Played like this, the doublebass doesn't need to be afraid of the rivalry of the cello, it's quite the opposite: the sound of the bass has a noble masculinity the cello misses“

(Richard Strauss about the doublebassist 

Eduard Madenski (1877-1921))

„A singing line (...), which doesn't fail to reach the beauty and leck of slag of the cello, but is supreme in medullarity and power“ 

(Wilhelm Furtwängler about Eduard Madenski)

The basic sound of the double bass should be independent of other instruments, masculin-medullar like a baritone voice, for example Lado Ataneli or Robert Hale. In addtion, the bass should sound smooth like Mathias Goerne, powerful like Matti Salminen, in higher positions even feminaly charming like Julia Varady. You can see: singers are my idols. Ability of alteration and adjustment are as important as personality. In  matters of virtuosity, the doublebassist should orientate at violinists, viola and cello players. 

Teaching philosophy